Here is a short introduction of installing google android on debian eabi. Android on Z is first announced here [1] using angstrom kernel. The kernel used is same with except that I patched it for android. The applied patch was brought from [2]. Also if you want to install android with angstrom kernel, check here [3]

I assume that you already have debian eabi on Z.
  1. Extract the attached android-debian.tgz.part?.rar then you can get android-debian.tar.gz.
  2. Extract it at the system root directory ("/").
  3. Flash the attached (rename this to kernel.img) in this post.
  4. Edit /usr/bin/start-android: use /init instead of /start to activate the dns setting
  5. Execute the command - start-android

Then after the red ball will bounce for a while, android desktop will show up.
When you want to kill android, you can press Fn+'right arrow' twice and kill the process of android.

- To rotate the screen into landscape, press Fn+'right arrow'. Then you can get the android console screen. Type the following command:

service call window 18 i32 1

- touchscreen
- power key
- dns setting

Edit (Jan. 08 2008) I rebuilt the kernel (the power button works).



Posted by yonggun

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