Here are the kernel 2.6.24 for eabi debian on Z. These are patched with angstrom patches and without cpufreq. I tested only on C3200. Tests on C1000 or C3000 are required. These kernels are working well on all Cxx00 series.

For Sharp Bootloader


Posted by yonggun

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  1. 2008.01.31 01:07  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기


  2. rumata 2008.02.01 16:38  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    I'm trying on my C1000, error:
    VFS: Cannot open root device "mtdblock2" or unknown-block(0,0)

    In kernel all work fine.
    Can you put config and patch from kernel, i need module zd1211rw, but can't compile it.

  3. rumata 2008.02.01 16:53  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    When i press 1 while boot, error:
    VFS: Cannot open root device "mmcblk0p1" or unknown-block(0,0)

    Card correctly formated, because work in kernel

    • Canguy247 2008.02.02 10:14  댓글주소  수정/삭제

      same problem here. You need a card in the CF slot. In my case it would not work with my 16GB card...had to use my 1GB.

  4. rumata 2008.02.03 02:00  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    I have some question:
    After booting from CF card MMC/SD card working?
    I think, in this kernel driver MMC/SD don't work on C1000...

  5. zobot1 2008.02.20 19:53  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    i think you must use patched u-boot because 2.6.24 not using CONFIG_CMDLINE line

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