This is a simple way for dual boot. Now I am using debian eabi for normal usage and pdaXrom beta3 as game emulator.

- First, install the subsystem on the nand with root partition 53MB-this is very important. If you make a partition more than 53MB, then you loose all your private data on the nand because it initialize the system when you reboot it.

- Then, we need the kernel supporting kexec such as 2.6.24-yonggun. I know angstrom kernel also works.

- After flashing this kernel and booting up the main systerm, let's download kexec from anstrom feed and install it (dpkg -i --force-architecture kexec-tools_1.101-r1_armv5te.ipk).

- Everything is ready. Let's start subsystem with its kernel:
kexec -l /where/is/zImage.bin
kexec -e
- To return to main system, just reboot it.

Posted by yonggun

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  1. 테야 2008.02.22 18:23  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    참 무식한 질문입니다만 저는 샤프부트로더를 이용하는 커널로 데비안(EABI)을 부팅시키는데요.
    이런 경우에는 힘든 방법이겠지요?

  2. yonggun 2008.02.24 06:46  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    저도 지금 샤프부트로드로 데비안을 설치하고 피뎅스롬을 듀얼부팅시킵니다.

  3. zdevil 2008.02.28 07:16  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    Hi, yonggun,
    Any update on the dualboot solution? My 3200 fails to boot after flashing the kernel 2.6.24-2 for sharp bootloader (the same kernel panic). :-)

  4. zdevil 2008.03.01 22:21  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    I finally got it working. The cause of the kernel panic is due to unsupported filesystem format. The Debian rootfs must be ext3 (i converted it to ext2 some time ago just to reduce writing to the internal CF). Changing it back to ext3 everything works!

  5. zdevil 2008.03.02 02:54  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    I've posted a more elaborated howto here:

    Have fun!

  6. zdevil 2008.03.02 19:34  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    There may be an issue with simply using "kexec -l KERNEL && kexec -e" as it will force booting into the new system without properly stopping/killing the running services and unmounting the current filesystems.
    I have attached a boot script that will boot in a cleaner and a safer way in the OESF post.

  7. annonce 2009.01.14 07:01  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    It is the nice howto! It would be very useful.

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