This is a simple way for dual boot. Now I am using debian eabi for normal usage and pdaXrom beta3 as game emulator.

- First, install the subsystem on the nand with root partition 53MB-this is very important. If you make a partition more than 53MB, then you loose all your private data on the nand because it initialize the system when you reboot it.

- Then, we need the kernel supporting kexec such as 2.6.24-yonggun. I know angstrom kernel also works.

- After flashing this kernel and booting up the main systerm, let's download kexec from anstrom feed and install it (dpkg -i --force-architecture kexec-tools_1.101-r1_armv5te.ipk).

- Everything is ready. Let's start subsystem with its kernel:
kexec -l /where/is/zImage.bin
kexec -e
- To return to main system, just reboot it.

Posted by yonggun