Debian "Andromeda"

Customized Debian armel Distribution for Zaurus

I. Introduction

The purpose of this distribution is to make a light and easy-to-use debian distribution for Sharp Zaurus. This is based on Debian eabi unstable version.

II. Features

- Korean environment
   . Edit .xinitrc to change to en_US.UTF-8.
- X-window fully set up (xfbdev)
- lxp-icewm[1], which is a fork of icewm, with a large number of the patches.
- background auto changing when zaurus is swiveled.
- Fn+click = mouse middle click, Shift+click = mouse right click
- Dual boot environment
- Multimedia (mplayer, mpd+gmpc+ncmpc, streo output)
- auto (un)mount of the removable disk (sd, cf card)
- short keys to control sound volume, brightness, fullscreen, maximize, minimize, screencapture.
- installed wpasupplican , wireless-tools

III. Applications

- file manager: rox
- text editor: leafpad
- text reader: justreader
- dictionary: zbedic, stardict
- multimedia: mplayer, mpd
- browsers: dillo, icehamster
- pims: osmo
- note-taking: xounal
- graphic: gpicview
- game: sudoku
- etc: mc, ecalc, etimedate, sakura, xvkbd, feh, and so on

IV. Download and Installation

i) Download

(Thanks to matthis for hosting the file)

1. Slow but big server: I will be able to leave the file there for a very long time.

2. Small but fast server: grab it from here until it lasts!

ii) Installation

- Download the file, '
- Unrar it on CF or SD card. Five files should be there: zImage-debian.bin, modules-debian.tgz, rootfs-debian.tgz gnu-tar and
- Partition the disk which you want to install Andromeda on.
- Flash it. It takes a long time to untar the rootfs.
- Reboot: login = root, no password
- After auto reboot, untar the modules:

cd /
tar zxvf /where/to/modules-debian.tgz

- Reboot again
- startx to run xwindow

V. Settings

- Edit /etc/apt/source.list. Add the repository which is close to your place. For example, if you are in Korea,

deb unstable main

  - edit /etc/network/interface

Background image
  - To chage background, modify 'bg_potrait' and 'bg_landscape' in ~/.config.

  - Andromeda uses MPD+gmpc+ncmpc as music player. In order to play musics, the directories which have mp3 files should link to ~/music, and then update the music database.

mpd --create-database

Dual boot
Sharp rom: put the kernel, sharp-zImage.bin, in /boot
  - pdaXrom: put the kernel, pdax_zImage.bin, in /boot

For C1000
- Modify /etc/rc.local
swapon /dev/hda3

- Edit /etc/auto.removable. remove 'codepage=949,iocharset=utf8' and edit to hda1.

cf -fstype=vfat,rw,gid=100,umask=002,codepage=949,iocharset=utf8 :/dev/hda1
card -fstype=vfat,rw,gid=100,umask=002,codepage=949,iocharset=utf8 :/dev/mmcblk0p1

- Modify /etc/fstab

hdc1 -> hda1

VI. Short cuts

. Fn+3 : bright down
. Fn+4 : bright up
. Fn+9 : volume up
. Fn+0 : volume down
. Fn+c : screen shot (save the file in ~/Documents/shots)
. Alt+1 : minimize
. Alt+2 : maximaze
. Alt+0 : Full screen
. Ctrl+Alt+t : sakura
. Ctrl+Alt+e : leafpad
. Ctrl+Alt+m : icehamster
. Ctrl+Alt+b : dillo
. Ctrl+9 : Change the Hnagul to Hanja



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